The Malicious Flameling refers to the sin: ‘The sin, the “Evil” that you feel inside of you, is not originated by human nature but by alien implantation.’

Conscious free human

The conscious free human is the warrior-gatherer, who has managed to throw off the yoke of the noble species of Squingers. If the warrior-gatherer succeeds in defeating the Squingers, he or she will be able to do what the free human could not: shift his or her own MSC from within. He or she will become the conscious free human. This is the essence of the squing challenge: only the liberation of the fixed MSC makes them capable to shift the MSC by willpower. Without the restrain there is no conscious freedom.

Thanks to our engineering brilliance the number of conscious free humans is quite small. The conscious free humans also live in a community, but their purpose is energy maximizing. Most often the Cranberry calls them ‘insane’, but occasionally the conscious free human manages to ‘reach’ the Cranberries, founds a religion, like Buddha, Jesus Christ, or Mohammed.

The community of conscious free humans is based on the perception and maximizing of energy without rules. As its MSC is more and more free (so its ego is smaller and smaller), its goals tend to become increasingly similar to and united with the goal of the community: the energy growth.
The conscious free human talks very little, it puts its energy perception into words as precisely as possible. It sings and plays music, thus communicating in the dreaming attention. It creates pictures and sculptures to record its journey through the dark see of the consciousness. It moves around a lot and wittingly, in order to redirect its energies, and keeps directing its energies to the life force centres. So it is healthy and strong, and laughs rather often.

It can ‘see’ (perceive the energy), and its goals are one with the community’s goals, so it does not lie in any way. It follows the path of energy, and therefore lives in harmony with its environment as a part of the nature and keeps a close, intimate relationship with it.

Because it can ‘see’, its goals are one with the others and its MSC is free, the community does not need external rules: they all are out for energy maximizing, and have no possessions of any kind.

Thus, they have no laws, rules and habits.

The differences between conscious free humans are in their energy patterns, and energy levels, and they accept these as the basis for their cooperations. Their leaders are the humans with the highest energy level, they do the most for the growth of the community’s energy level.

It calls this life-long energy maximizing the ‘path of the warrior-gatherer’, or ‘probity’. This path does not guarantee success, but as the conscious free human does everything in its power to reach its goals. As the high (and constantly growing) energy level provides a better ‘mood’, it spends its life in the state of ever growing and reproducing happiness, i.e. it is spinning the freedom-happiness cycle. In other words: as it experiences that the most complete state of existence is following the path of energy gathering, and does this with all its might, there is no disappointment, no unsatisfaction or a desire constantly reproducing itself in its life.
Its sole purpose is to reach maximum energy, therefore there is no ‘development’ of the everyday attention within the community, no ‘progress’. Its final destination is to transpose physical death into the state of the third attention.


Insomuch as the mobile sensoric centre of the noble species of Squingers, the Primal Jinn, the Conqueror, the Lord of the Cosmos is frozen in the Holy Immobility, it acquires energy from other species by the method of breeding.

The breeding of the Homo sapiens, the Cranberry is essentially similar to the breeding of other species. Breeding is the fixing of the mobile sensoric centre in one place (in the case of the Homo sapiens in the place of the mind), in order to produce energy we can utilize. During the process of fixing an energy bark grows around the energy sphere (parallel to the developing of an energy membrane surrounding the MSC place). This energy bark is the nourishment of the noble species of Squingers.  

The main problem of the breeding is the inherent mobility of the MSC. It seeks a way out when it is under pressure, therefore we must find new methods of fixing it. Nevertheless, the process is benefitial (for us), as there are more and more Cranberries on the planet, with more and more fixed MSC-s.

The noble species of Squingers fixes the MSC. The consequence of the MSC fixing is the violent spreading of rules, habits, and selfishness. The result of this process is the civilised human, i.e. the Cranberry, who can not consciously perceive the energy, therefore it cannot act for its maximizing. It becomes less and less capable of decisions. It creates the monumental community, society that regulates and decides everything for it (thus fixing the MSC more and more); and the system of rights and norms.

Because the basis of the breeding is fixing the mobile sensoric centre, and because it is mobile by nature, we must implant the squing effects and civilization again and again into every new specimen.
The method for this is socialization, its fields are family and school. We use appreciation and pity as rewards, and mockery, stigmatizing and exclusion as punishment.